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May 17, 2017
August 15, 2017


Here is what the fabulous K-Kids advisors at some of our local elementary schools say about this amazing program….

What value do you see K-Kids providing our community?

The greatest value to the community is instilling in young people the value of helping others, which will hopefully last a lifetime! Each project helps some aspect of the community - all in very different ways, but each project leaves students feeling the pride and joy one gets from helping others, and the most common question when we are done is, “What can we do next?” —Sarah Mitchell, Samoset Elementary

Our K-Kids Club provides several benefits to the community. First and foremost, the children themselves are challenged with leadership and service opportunities that invest in their future. Secondly, there is the tangible improvement provided by the projects the children come up with, such as their projects that they chose this school year that include running a coin drive to raise money to buy Christmas presents for families at our school and making Christmas cards for patients at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital and Valentine's cards for a local nursing home. —Michele Rezpa, Braden River Elementary

What do you see the students getting from participation in the program?

Our students involved in this program have gained a real sense of pride in their school and community. They are enthusiastic and diligent when it comes to tackling our community outreach projects. They use their own time to create posters and banners to hang around the school advertising and encouraging students to participate in our events. —Emily Ross, Steve Sajewski, and Phyllis Morales, Willis Elementary

I love K-Kids because it gives students their first taste of community service and what it feels like to help. I've always told them it's better to give of yourself rather than take away! Over the years I've had parents, staff, and community members say how much they appreciate their work and the enthusiasm the students have for each project. My hope is that they carry this passion for service throughout their life. —Kim Nicholas, Miller Elementary

Can you briefly describe your favorite K-Kids Event?

We have excellent participation at our school events. We held a Fall Festival here at Stewart in September. Every member was responsible for running a game or a food booth. It was heartwarming to see our members develop confidence and practice excellent social skills with their peers and the Stewart community. —Michelle Savchuk, Stewart Elementary

Palma Sola does a food drive for the E.F.E.L.T (Elks Feeding Empty Little Tummies). The entire school participates in providing nonperishable items for the program, which in turn offers bags of food on Friday for needy families at our school and other local schools. K-Kids get to organize the drive, collect, count the items and then delivery the food bags each Friday. It allows them to see the whole cycle of helping others. —Marzena Murphy, Palma Sola Elementary

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