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Why NExtgen?

Manatee County’s unique family resource guide

  • DIRECT DISTRIBUTION into kid’s backpacks…does not rely on ‘eye-catch’ distribution (i.e., copies left on display stands at gas stations or grocery stores)
  • FAMILY ORIENTED content, interviews with leading figures in the local community, health and fitness issues, fantastic free competitions, and much more!
  • All revenue from the magazine is reinvested back into ELC programs to increase childcare funding assistance and reduce waitlists.
  • BE FEATURED alongside names such as Michael Saunders Realty, Blake Hospital, Manatee Memorial Hospital, LWR Hospital, Coastal Orthopedics, Neal Communities, Nestle, Bright House, the Pittsburgh Pirates, SRQ Airport, BMO Harris Bank, and the Florida Pre-Paid College Board.

Directly to Families

Elementary Schools

Submission Deadline


Issue 46 (Dec/Jan 22)


Space Deadline Nov 1st

Ad Deadline Nov 6th


Issue 47 (Feb/Mar 22)


Space Deadline Jan 8th

Ad Deadline Jan 15th


Issue 48 (Apr/May 22)


Space Deadline Mar 5th

Ad Deadline Mar 12th

Issue 49 (June/July 22)


Space Deadline April 9th

Ad Deadline April 16th

Issue 50 (Aug/Sept 22)


Space Deadline July 16th

Ad Deadline July 23th

Issue 51 (Oct/Nov 22)


Space Deadline Sept 4th

Ad Deadline Sept 11th

Ad Submission Specs

Please follow these guidelines for submitting advertising materials to avoid any additional charges.

  • Ads are all full color – CMYK
  • Any Files submitted from general-purpose graphic programs such as Microsoft Office,

Publisher, Works, etc., CANNOT be accepted.

  • For reproduction purposes, photographs should be at least 300 ppi (pixels per inch),

and be the same dimensions as the final output size as defined in this advertising guide.

Software Formats

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Contract Rate*

Business Card

(3.5″ x 2″)

Quarter Page

(3.5″ x 4.75″)

Half Page

(7.25″ x 4.75″)

Full Page

(8.625″ x 11.125″)

Inside Front/Back

(8.625″ x 11.125″)

Page 3

(8.625″ x 11.125″)

Back Cover

(8.625″ x 11.125″)



Single Issue


Full page size includes 1/8” bleed. In addition, please allow 1/4” safety margin between all text and page edge.
* These would be 3 issue contract rates on 6 month auto-pay
* Non profit organizations receive 20% discount


Kelly Stasurak

Advertising Sales